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Latest from the Blog

Yea Thats Him Interview

Another interview in the books. Thank you to my guy Yea Thats Him for this conversation. I truly enjoyed it. The coolest thing about our sit-down was the story behind it. Before we linked up I had no idea who Him was. We had never spoken. I’d never listened to…

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Tell Ya Friendz Interview

Back-to-back interviews featuring East Harlem legends. Don’t say I never showed love to the Eastside. Shout out to my big brother Cal, and his man’s Jelly. A common theme in all the conversations I share, I enjoyed talking with the two. It was fascinating to watch Cal & Jelly go…

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D.R.U Interview 

While writing this piece I was half asleep. That’s beside the point. I want to give a big thank you to my boy D.R.U, one of the more mature, stand-up guys I know. It was a pleasure conversing with him. Just from the way he answered my questions, you can…

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  1. Yessir Go andy Go andy…..ANDY BUCKETSSSSSS yo it’s will. keep on doing grinding bro I support your work ethic. Kobe is the goat tho.

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