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Latest from the Blog

Kaizen By A Interview

Hard worker. Wonderwoman. Queen.  These are names I’d used when describing my Anyelina Gonzalez, fitness trainer, motivator, & Kaizen By A & Kaizen With A CEO. However, the word most associated with her is the aforementioned “Kaizen.” The definition of Kaizen is continuous improvement, something Anyelina strives for every time…

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Swavo SB Interview

I was forced to be a fan of Swavo’s music. Now, don’t take that the wrong way. My little brother, Hood Pope, would play his songs loud enough for our whole house to hear.  It got to the point where his songs were stuck in my head. And at first,…

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Sha EK- Shake That

As the summer comes to an end, Bronx artist Sha Ek delivers yet another bold track, with his latest single dubbed “Shake That.“ Recently dropping records including “Respectfully“, “One In The Head“, while appearing on “How You Every O Shot?”, “Shake That” was a highly anticipated track, with a snippet…

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  1. Yessir Go andy Go andy…..ANDY BUCKETSSSSSS yo it’s will. keep on doing grinding bro I support your work ethic. Kobe is the goat tho.

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