Coronavirus, From My Perspective

Utah Jazz C Rudy Gobert. On March 11th, the 27-year old tested positive for Coronavirus.

Greetings, beautiful people! This piece will discuss the state of the COVID-19 virus (also known as Coronavirus), as well as its impact, from my point of view. Enjoy, and please, share it with your friends!

DISCLAIMER: I won’t be discussing the virus’s origins, potential cures, symptoms, etc. This is NOT an informational piece, nor a health guide. With that being said, please stay healthy, stay cautious, and wash your hands!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. On March 11th, he announced that classes at SUNY & CUNY schools would move online starting March 19th.

I think I can speak for many, when saying I can recall my location when I received the information, that this virus was officially a pandemic.

In my case: I was in SUNY Oswego, sleeping. Desperate for rest between my final class of the day and work-study in the math department, I gave myself a 45-minute nap, enough time to prepare my brain for the remainder of the day.

I was mistaken. I slept for over an hour, making myself late for work in the process.

Upon entering my bosses classroom, I glanced at my phone’s home screen, as a notification read: “the Coronavirus is officially a pandemic”, on the CNN news app. I thought nothing of it. Criminally immature, I had the mindset, that if the virus didn’t affect me, it’s wasn’t important. So I head to work.

My boss directs me to make a delivery across campus. Perfect chance to burn time and listen to music.

As I began my voyage across campus, and reach for the Apple AirPods in my pocket, I can overhear some chatter from the school’s janitorial staff. They were discussing the breaking news: CUNY & SUNY schools would transition to online classes beginning March 19.

I was startled. That scenario felt bittersweet. Sure, I would be able to remain in my hometown, New York City, with my family, with home-cooked food, with my closest friends. However, there’s a reason I went upstate to attend school. The opportunity, the resources, the experience of living on your own. And now, it’s essentially gone in one day.

I know many college students feel this way.

Visual representation of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus).

Make no mistake, our health is the most important thing, above all. However, that doesn’t hide the fact that our lives are being altered due to a virus that may not be as dangerous as advertised.

It’s a disappointing development, in a year filled with them thus far.

Following the announcement that Coronavirus had become a pandemic, the immediate response felt like a scene straight out a drama film.

It’s as if we are in a crisis. You begin to question: is this the beginning of the end? Did our ancestors endure this during the Great Depression? The World War? It all feels so surreal.

President Donald Trump. Since March 11th, he’s commented on the Coronavirus several times.

There are SO many questions left unanswered. What is the future of our society? What is the government doing to bring an end to all of this? How long will it take? Is the virus that serious? It’s a scary time right now.

The fear of the virus appeared to peak on the evening of March 11th. Two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus that night.

That diagnosis prompted the NBA to suspend its regular season. The NBA G-League did the same. The previous time there was no basketball played, it was due to labor disputes. Nothing of this magnitude has ever transpired within the sport.

As mentioned before, it’s as if bits of pieces of our lives are being eliminated due to this virus. For me, I’m someone that lives off routine. To have that routine interrupted, without warning is, crazy.

You may be thinking, why is he complaining about the NBA? Is that all he cares about? That’s far from the truth.

It’s simply fear. If something as significant as the NBA can be suspended, think about what could be suspended next. Stocks are already plummeting. Think about the people that may have contracted the virus from Rudy, like teammate Donovan Mitchell. It’s more to it.

Utah Jazz G Donovan Mitchell. On March 12th, the 23-year old tested positive for Coronavirus.

Lastly, my biggest concern during this entire fiasco, is the aftermath. How will people act once this is over? Even simple things, like handshakes, daps, hugs, sharing food. Will everyone become a fearful, germaphobe?

Will Gobert be executed by the public, for his reported carelessness pertaining to the virus?

I may be exaggerating. Like many, this entire situation is unfamiliar to me. I’m just hoping for the best in these confusing times.

Some tips on how to stay safe from the virus.

To conclude, this last month puts life into perspective. If you’re reading this, to steer clear from the virus, regardless of its mortality rate, we must take the necessary precautions to do so. I’m no doctor, but I feel obligated to remind others what they should be doing.

After coming in physical contact with something that has germs, wash your hands, sanitize yourself. Cover your mouth when coughing & sneezing. Avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. Avoid public places & gatherings if possible. Educate loved ones about the virus if possible.

And most of all, pray. Regardless of your faith & beliefs, positive energy & spirits will eradicate this virus before we know it.

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment if you agree, or disagree with this piece. And please, share this with your friends!



*Special shoutout to my mother, Ziyah, Chernor, Sekou, and Kwame S.

(Originally posted March 12, 2020 on Medium. Edited May 23, 2020 on WordPress.)

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