The Knicks F*cking Suck…

Knicks & Rangers owner James Dolan (arms crossed) sitting courtside during a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

Greetings beautiful people! This piece will discuss the continual dysfunction, which is the New York Knicks franchise. All from the heart, of a LOYAL Knicks supporter. Enjoy, and please, share it with your friends!

Knicks logo from the hardwood Madison Garden Square floor.

Knicks/Rangers owner James Dolan & Knicks franchise reminds me of a snobby rich kid, that gets whatever he desires. But doesn’t deserve ANYTHING he receives.

Think about what they have: a state of the art arena, Madison Square Garden, filled to the brim with history between its walls. An excellent location for a sports team, New York City, the largest media market in the country. That means you’ll always fill arena seats, even when you’re underperforming.

That’s another thing the Knicks don’t deserve. Their fans, especially celebrities. Unlike the Lakers at the Staples Center, celebrities at Knicks game don’t show up for attention. They KNOW the game of basketball and are passionate about the squad.

Award-winning film director & Knicks super-fan Spike Lee, at a Knicks game, donning a (#34) Charles Oakley jersey.

Amongst the celebrities, remains one of the more passionate sports fans ever, Spike Lee. Yes, the award-winning film director, writer, actor, & producer. THAT Spike Lee. The Knicks don’t deserve him, especially after what occurred March 2nd.

*I left off a few details from the incident. However, I’ve included the majority of the story, in accordance with the words of Spike Lee.

According to Lee, Monday he entered Madison Square Garden, per usual, via it’s West 33rd street employee entrance. The same route he’s entered the Garden for the last 28 years.

Upon entering the elevator that directs you to the Garden floor, Lee was stopped by security without explanation. He was asked to step out, and resisted.

After an intense shouting match, Lee was informed that he must enter MSG, via the West 31st street V.I.P. entrance. He wasn’t notified of the change in policy.

When asked to exit the Garden by security, Lee resisted. Exiting would prevent his re-entry into the arena, causing him to miss that night’s Knicks game. Click below to hear his explanation of the entire incident.

There’s more. Following Lee’s appearance on ESPN’s “First Take”, where he went in-depth about the incident, the Knicks PR department released a statement, found below.

The statement insinuated that Lee wasn’t a victim, but rather the suspect. It also stated that he exaggerated the situation, to stir drama. They even said his comments were “laughable”.

Statement released by Knicks PR department, following Spike Lee’s appearance on First Take March 3rd.

Now, after doing some research to prepare for this piece, I noticed some people comment on this fiasco. Many felt Lee carried some entitlement, and that is incident represented “rich people problems”. May be true, but this episode runs deeper than that.

Lee has been attending Knicks game since 1968, when he was in grade school. He would continue attending games throughout most of his adult life. He even subsidized TEN MILLION dollars in ticket purchases over the span of three decades.

And most importantly, he’s been the Knick’s greatest supporter throughout his entire journey. From the revolving door of management & head coaches, from playoff appearances to 17-win seasons, Lee was still on the sidelines, celebrating the great moments that were few and far between.

Throughout the constant change within the Knicks organization, Lee’s support for the franchise never wavered.

Lee standing courtside at a Knicks game in 2018.

It’s disappointing that the Knicks organization would treat their highest-profile supporter, a Brooklyn native, in this manner. Accusing him of stirring drama he wasn’t seeking. It’s as if the Knicks could never do wrong.

And to add insult to injury, this isn’t the first time the franchise has battled their fans. Do you recall the physical altercation involving former Knick Charles Oakley, that led to his removal from the Garden? Or when owner James Dolan banned a fan FOR LIFE? Simply because said fan told Dolan the truth?

Knicks/Rangers owner James Dolan.

Despite everything mentioned in this piece, with the Spike Lee incident, & how the franchise treats their fans, people still attend Knicks games at MSG.

That’s the problem. It gives Dolan and the franchise the privilege to treat it’s supporters however they please. It’s unfortunate, because the fans of New York (including me) deserve to root for a team that cares about winning and conducting business the correct way.

The NBA is an attractive product when the Knicks are competitive. And, it sucks that we can’t see the league at its utmost potential, due to the consistently underwhelming performance from the Knicks on, and off the court.

R.J. Barrett (#9) & Russell Westbrook (#0) during the Knicks March 2nd win over Houston.

Each big market NBA team is a winner on the court, and within its fan base. The Lakers & Clippers are flourishing. The Celtics and Raptors are contenders. The Nets have Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving.

But what about the Knicks? What do they bring to the table, being in the largest media market in the country? Their win-loss record year in and year out is atrocious. And fans across the city are fed up with the actions of owner James Dolan. Especially Spike.

Unfortunately, all that information is rendered meaningless. New York still has a snobby and obnoxious owner, filled with pride, that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

And until he gains respectability towards others, or sells the franchise, the Knicks will remain in competitive purgatory for many more years to come. They deserve NOTHING that they currently own.

That’s why the Knicks f*cking suck.

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment if you agree, or disagree with this piece. And please, share this with your friends!



(Originally posted March 4, 2020 on Medium. Edited May 22, 2020 on WordPress.)

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