The Fearless Boyz Interview

Myself (middle) alongside Fearless Boyz brand CEO Mike (left) & brand ambassador (right).

Today marks yet another milestone for Da Hood Journal.

Today, April 10, we officially unveiled our brand new podcast, Da Hood Journal podcast. Radio has always been a venture I wanted to do, and now, I’m getting that opportunity.

I’d like to give a special thank-you to Zeke, Ms. Pierre, & Black Ivy Media for bringing my ideas to fruition. And thank you to Roki for remaining loyal to the brand as we embark on this new journey.

With that being said, what other way to debut our podcast, than with the duo that first debuted Da Hood Journal blog, the Fearless Boyz.

For those who don’t know, Mike (Fearless Boyz brand CEO) & Sta (brand ambassador) are the faces of the NYC-based underground clothing brand. They’re also good friends of mine.

I interviewed them back in August & wrote an article about the experience. These two helped jumpstart my blog in regards to popularity.

As a brand on the rise, gaining traction across the tri-state area, people were eager to learn about the duo on a personal level. And it showed as the article of them surpassed over five hundred reads.

Such a fun time.

But in the midst of that run, with the positive reception, my work received, I worried about the longevity of this passion, with writing such lengthy articles, especially in 2021, where reading is an afterthought.

Plus, despite how grateful Mike & Sta were for the article, they were in my ear, encouraging me to record my interviews for the world to watch, rather than read what took place.

So, it’s more than fitting to have my first guest on the blog, be my first guest on the podcast. 

The first people to believe in me, this is my sign of appreciation to them.

And six articles & seven months later, here we are. The blog, once my main focus, is more secondary now. 

That’s enough about that topic though. Let’s talk about the actual interview.

I truly enjoyed it.

When the conversation first started, I’m not going to lie, I was nervous.

At the time of the recording, I was still figuring out how to work the equipment I was using, while determining which direction I wanted to take with the pod.

But as we dug further into the conversation & I was able to ask my questions, I felt more comfortable.

The whole three hours I spent with them were genuine, raw, and filled with both deep & hilarious conversation.

Mike & Sta are naturally funny. With them, nothing feels forced. And that’s what I love because it makes for great content.

And shoutout to Diablo & Naj, who accompanied us during the interview. Diablo shared his tidbits of knowledge throughout the conversation while Naj sat quietly & watched.

Their interview is coming up next.

To conclude, I’m really proud of how this whole release turned out.

I think you’ll guys will enjoy the dialogue as much as I did. Editing the audio & video was the best part because I never got tired of watching it. Shows you how charismatic the Fearless Boyz are.

Happy 20th birthday to Mike, make sure y’all wish him a good one. Shoutout to my brother Sta for being such a blessing in my life.

Lastly, make sure y’all tune into the Fearless Boyz latest drop, on their Instagram page now.

Hope you enjoy the amazing content coming from Da Hood Journal.

Click here to visit the Fearless Boyz website.

Click here to visit the Ascendante IG page.

Click here to check out the Fearless Boyz YT channel.

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this piece. And please, share this with your friends!


Da Hood Journal

Part one of our interview with the Fearless Boyz.
Full audio from our interview with the Fearless Boyz.
Part two of our interview with the Fearless Boyz.
Part two of our interview with the Fearless Boyz on IGTV.

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