Tell Ya Friendz Interview

Tell Ya Friendz CEO Cal (left) alongside close friend Jelly (right).

Back-to-back interviews featuring East Harlem legends.

Don’t say I never showed love to the Eastside.

Shout out to my big brother Cal, and his man’s Jelly.

A common theme in all the conversations I share, I enjoyed talking with the two.

It was fascinating to watch Cal & Jelly go back & forth on topics they were passionate about, whether they agreed with each other or not.

What I admire most was how they consistently respected one another’s opinions throughout the conversation & allowed the other to speak their piece.

The most memorable segments of the dialogue for me had to be the constant mentions of fashion, whenever they gave a shout out to a mutual friend from their neighborhood, Cal’s time in college at SUNY Canton, and when Jelly went off on a tangent of straight A$AP Rocky slander. (That was crazy)

With that being said, you’ll most definitely enjoy this newest episode.

Cal & Jelly are two stand-up dudes who are in tune with the culture, and have great taste in music, fashion, entertainment options, you name it.

However, they still manage to separate themselves from the norm, in their own individual and creative way. 

They have such dope personalities, they are comfortable in their own skin & always try to stay positive.

This conversation reminded me of my high school years when I would sit & just listen to kids banter during my lunch period.

To conclude, as always, thank you for the unbelievable support we’ve received on the podcast.

Without you all, this wouldn’t be possible.

We’re going to continue to evolve & build into something beautiful, one step at a time.

Thank you to Cal & Jelly once again for their time & presence. Thank you for also putting me on to Max B’s music. He is a God.

And lastly.

Tell a friend to tell a friend, to cop from Tell Ya Friendz. Fasho.

Click here to visit the Tell Ya Friendz IG page.

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this piece. And please, share this with your friends!


Da Hood Journal

Full interview from March 20 with Tell Ya Friendz.
Full audio from our interview with Tell Ya Friendz.
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