Raydy J & Plain Jane OG Interview

Myself (middle) alongside Bronx artists Plain Jane OG (left) & Raydy J (right).

One of the more memorable conversations I engaged in.

Shout out to queens Raydy J, Plain Jane OG, and Ashley, Raydy’s better half who accompanied her to the interview.

This conversation would’ve never happened without Raydy, who I went to high school with, reaching out & expressing interest with being on the podcast.

So, thank you for that.

Being the first all-woman conversation I held, it was jam-packed with energy.

The charisma of these ladies was on full display throughout the interview.

My favorite part was when they spoke on topics like mental health, and the injustices against women in the music industry.

In addition, I became more avid supporters of Plain Jane & Raydy following our meet up.

I took a listen to one of Plain Jane’s EP’s “Love & Lust Vol. 1”, which she downloaded on to my phone prior to our sit down.

It was such a great listen. Her music consists of mentions of the highs & lows of love, mental health, and other issues young adults face daily.

The same can be said for Raydy J’s most recent project “So Dramatic.”

Definitely a dope one piece of work.

Her music is refreshing. Once you press play on a track you’re bound to hear a heartfelt, passion-infused tune, with witty lyrics & fire beats.

Same can be said for her latest track “Demons Need Love Too” (Out now!)

With that being said, you’ll enjoy this dialogue as much as I did.

They made several great points that need to be shared with the masses.

Shout out to these queens once again for this gem.

Special thanks to Raydy for inviting me to her “Demons Need Love Too” music video shoot!

Click here to check out Plain Jane OG’s music.

Click here to check out Raydy J’s music.

Click here to check out Raydy’s YT channel.

Click here to check out Plain Jane’s channel.

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this piece. And please, share this with your friends!


Da Hood Journal

Full interview from April 16 with Raydy J & Plain Jane OG.
Full audio from our interview with Raydy J & Plain Jane OG.
Snippet of our interview with Raydy J & Plain Jane OG on IGTV.

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