Everything I Am by HDThePoet

I heard Kanye rapping on this one song

Affirming his divergence

Claiming it as own.

It took me this to realize 

Everything I’m not made me everything I am.

I won’t ever be able to rhyme my thoughts

Nor will I ever be a normal person

May never be the best poet. 

But no one can take my creativity away from me

Cause that just everything I am.

I’ll never be able to go back to high school

And change all my mistakes,

But does it matter because I learned from them…

Everything I’m not 

Proved to be everything I am. 

I’ll never be the flashiest nigga out there 

Never be the one to get all the girls 

I’m not careless with my money

And not every woman deserves my eye.

I’ll never have the toughest interior

Will always be a lover at heart

But that’s okay,

Everything I’m not made me everything 

I am.

I’ll never be the biggest person in the room,

I’ll always just be 6 ft with my hair out.

I’ll never be your ideal Jamaican 

You’ll probably always hear English on my tongue

With Patois trying to break out.

I’ll never be perfct… 

I realized that back when life 

Made me grow,

Saw how my flaws were a part of me

How everything I’m not made me

Everything I am!


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Da Hood Journal

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