GG Juliano Interview

Myself (left) alongside writer & visionary GG Juliano (right).

“I just want to be known for being courageous, standing on who I am and giving to others.” 


This interview was unlike any other. Accompanied by Da Hood Journal alums Mike, Fearless Boyz CEO & Diablo Wakefield, plus close friends Tavey & Roki, we had a full house for Julian’s interview. 

Our conversation began with some Eagle Academy for Young Men banter. Going to Eagle created a brotherhood among all those that attended during that transcendent time period.

That’s where Andy met Julian, back in middle school. During grades 6 through 8, Andy was often reserved & quiet, making him an easy target for loud, confident kids like Julian.

When you see Julian now, standing at 6’4, with dreads & built like a NFL linebacker, it’s easy to view him as a threat. 

But for those who don’t know him, you’ll find out that he attended the prestigious Drexel University, then transferred to the University at Albany. When he was at Eagle he was a standout scholar athlete, playing on the varsity basketball team. 

Julian, I feel is best described as a hood scholar. Being from his side of town was difficult & it’s hard to explain the trauma you experience when you can’t fathom what you endured. 

With that being said, Julian created an Instagram page dubbed “Jusaidit” to articulate what he went through as best as he could.

Despite experiencing multiple traumas of his own, none were greater than the loss of his big brother, Jose Webster. Losing his life at just 16 years old, his brother, Spillz contributes a lot to who Julian is as a person. 

He strives to positively enhance the image and legacy of his brother. That’s why he prides himself on always telling the truth, working hard & making Spillz, and his family proud. 

For those of you just hearing the name Ju, it’ll never be the last, he’s Spillz brother so we can’t expect nothing short of greatness. 

Long Live Spillz

Long Live B-Diddy

Long Live Errol

Long Live Sha Glizzy

Forever Fearless

Click here to check out GG Juliano’s blog IG page, jusaidit!

And tap here to add GG Juliano on Instagram.

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Da Hood Journal

Full interview from March 26 with GG Juliano.
Full audio from our interview with GG Juliano featuring DHJ alums Mike Bada & Diablo Wakefield.
Snippet of our interview with GG Juliano on IGTV.

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