Slang Poetry by HDThePoet

This presentation bout to be a breeze.

Facts.          No cap.

The teacher asked me to pick a research topic,

I thought why not slang,

Yuh feel me.

Presenting the ideas of a language lost to adults.

The verbs and adjectives split between two meanings.

Slang can be this.

Slang can be that.

A negative to most.

But its just another form of poetry,

A creative articulation of culture.

Originality breached my mind when I first spoke slang.

Yes, it did.

I spoke the words my mom didn’t understand.

I deadass showed my background through my broken English.

Now peep how the dictionary never taught me these phrases,

Yet they made up my vocab.

Slang turned to common phrases.

My speech never suffered from breaking English rules tho.

Slang never affected how I spoke in a professional setting.

Never affected how I wrote my essays.

Yet there are people saying it’s bad.

It’s ruining the English language.

Slang is seen negatively through odee bias eyes.

These eyes don’t know the history of it.

Through my eyes, I see slang as something that could benefit the way we speak.

How we teach the next generation to comprehend English.

Slang has always been a poetic tool.

To the people who spoke it.

Who illustrated it.

From the Africans, to the Indians, to the English, to historians, and now to social media.

It is the simile and metaphors of cultures.

A figure of language to someone’s spirit.

Slang inspires diversity.

No cap it’s a poetic flex.

Slang innovates a sentence.

Slang is the way I express my city.

And I don’t see nun wrong wit dat.

Damm this whole poem bussing


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