Rebels Worldwide & By Tianna Osbourne Interview

Myself (middle) alongside By Tianna Osbourne CEO, Tianna (left), and Rebels Worldwide CEO, Kam (right).

The “Designer Don Dropout” Tianna Osbourne & Killer Kam came through for this fire interview.

Tianna, is the CEO of underground NYC clothing brand By Tianna Osbourne. She’s cultivated & created a plethora of designs from recycled jeans, shirts, jackets, and many more garments. Tianna recently reached her 1,000th order & has a lot more to add to the fashion industry.

Tianna talks a lot about how she got her start working with clothing, and what she hopes to accomplish. She’s a prominent & dominant force in the NYC fashion scene. It’s like she was “Bourne a Star.”

And, it’s no secret that Killer Kam and I attended high school together. Watching him grow from football player to fashion icon has been crazy. In this interview, Kam gives us insight into what the future of his brand, Rebels Worldwide, looks like.

Kam & Tianna are a duo the fashion industry will never recover from. Despite having their own distinct style, what these two creative minds put together will always result in greatness.

Click here to check out the By Tianna Osbourne website!

And click here to go support the Rebels Worldwide website!

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Da Hood Journal

Full interview from March 26 with By Tianna Osbourne & Rebels Worldwide.
Full audio from our interview with By Tianna Osbourne & Rebels Worldwide.
Snippet on IGTV from our interview with Rebels Worldwide & By Tianna Osbourne.

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