KJ Interview

Myself (left) alongside Bronx artist KJ (right).

Meet Bronx artist KJ, or better known as Drake, because of their strong resemblance. Back in March, KJ joined the podcast for an interview filled with gems & raw energy.

Describing KJ in a few words is rather difficult. His energy is his own, one you can’t duplicate. He’s his own kind. He’s a Knockerz, producer, athlete, and Facebook comedian wrapped into one person.

Most importantly, KJ is an artist who’s sound is comparable to none. He’s as versatile as they come & always looking for ways to diversify his craft.

Shout out to KJ, and my boys Jancy & Jason, for such a memorable conversation. Also, shoutout to NSG & We Are The World. Expecting nothing but greatness from y’all!

Click here to check out KJ’s latest single “Slide.”

Click here to subscribe to KJ’s YouTube channel.

And click here to stream KJ’s playlists on Apple Music!

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this piece. And please, share this with your friends!


Da Hood Journal

Full interview from March 27 with KJ.
Full audio from our interview with KJ.
Snippet on IGTV from our interview with KJ.

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