Kay Flock- Is Ya Ready

“B*itch I’m a stomper, I don’t really step!”

In the past six months, I’ve grown a deep fascination for New York City drill

I’ve just recently traveled upstate to embark on my junior year of college. Walking past my off-campus home, all you’ll hear from our speakers is the aforementioned genre.

No lie, I share conversations about the ever-evolving genre of music with close friends daily.

For better or worse, all five boroughs are currently immersed in the spotlight.

Led by notorious heavyweights D-Thang, B-Lovee (IF YK, YK), & DHJ alum Nas EBK, the Bronx is the county currently making the most waves.

I haven’t even mentioned Kay Flock, arguably the most well-known artist from the Boogie Down.

Kay has had an impressive 2021, to say the least, dropping 1 million-plus viewed hits that include T Cardi with Dougie B, Brotherly Love, and War with KD.

However, none have struck harder than “Is Ya Ready,” a 2-minute record, shot by the talented KLO Vizionz, that’s amassed over a million views just a week after its release.

With a beat sounding straight out of a scary movie, and disrespectful lyrics to match it, Kay’s latest visual is undoubtedly the song of the summer.

My favorite part of the video, is when the camera catches the sly, mischievous smiles of he & Dougie B.

I’ve listened to it at least a hundred times. And so have you.

One of his few solo tracks, in “Is Ya Ready,” he continues to let his enemies know, who the real face of the Bronx is. Even if it rubs some the wrong way.

His discography continues to grow with tracks that civilians, like myself, and his opposition, continue to listen to.

Definitely, a record that should be on your playlist, we’re looking forward to hearing more hard-hitting tracks like this from Kay, and other drill artist from the Big Apple.

And maybe an interview as well…

Nah, let me stop.

If you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this piece. And please, share this with your friends!


Da Hood Journal

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