Skelly Caps Interview

Brooklyn artist Skelly Caps.

Skelly Caps?

Yes. Skelly, just like the game.

Sekou, also known as Skelly Caps, isn’t your typical Brooklyn artist.

Nowadays, we’re used to hearing a melodic sound made popular by A Boogie with Da Hoodie, or drill rap infamous in the Bronx & Brooklyn, Sekou’s stomping grounds.

Skelly has an old soul kind of feel to his records, comparable to Nipsey Hussle or Dave East, in my opinion.

On his 2019 self-titled EP, which included six tracks, Skelly Caps made sure each song & every song was better than the last.

My personal favorites from the project are “Where I’m From” & “Mowgli”.

In addition, Sekou credits a lot of his success to his late father, Khalid or “My Twin” as Sekou lovingly calls him.

For many New Yorkers, having an active, passionate father is rare. However, Sekou was blessed with that & more in his father, Khalid.

From Da Hood Journal to Sekou & his family, we express our sincerest condolences.

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.*

*English Translation: “Verily we belong to Allah & verily to Him do we return.”

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Da Hood Journal

Full interview from March 28 with Skelly Caps.
Full audio from our interview with Skelly Caps.
Snippet on IGTV from our interview with Skelly Caps.

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