Swavo SB Interview

Myself (left) alongside NYC artist Swavo SB (right).

I was forced to be a fan of Swavo’s music.

Now, don’t take that the wrong way.

My little brother, Hood Pope, would play his songs loud enough for our whole house to hear. 

It got to the point where his songs were stuck in my head.

And at first, it annoyed me. But, I realized that those songs stuck in my brain were fire.

Tracks like Up It, Slide, Bad Timing, and my favorite, Hell Hill (UTH), are just a few songs in Swavo’s growing discography.

And, despite some unfortunate turn of events, we’d definitely hear more from him.

And we will.

With that being said, start purchasing your stock in Swavo now. 

In addition to the rest of his brothers from Lower East Side, his neighborhood.

A musical melting pot, Swavo is one of the leaders of a neighborhood that will soon have the city in a headlock.

Shoutout to fellow LES artists Drippy, YBC Jay, YBC Belly, Bhaz Bin Stackin, and more.

To conclude, thank you Swavo, for this great conversation. 

It was a pleasure hearing the story, of a talented person who’s misunderstood, but enjoys making music for his audience.

And thank you twin for bringing him to my attention.

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Da Hood Journal

Full interview from May 8th with Swavo SB.
Full audio from our interview with Swavo SB.
Snippet on IGTV from our interview with Swavo SB.

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