Kaizen By A Interview

Fitness trainer, motivator, Kaizen By A & Kaizen With A CEO, Anyelina Gonzalez

Hard worker. Wonderwoman. Queen. 

These are names I’d used when describing my Anyelina Gonzalez, fitness trainer, motivator, & Kaizen By A & Kaizen With A CEO.

However, the word most associated with her is the aforementioned “Kaizen.”

The definition of Kaizen is continuous improvement, something Anyelina strives for every time she wakes up. 

Knowing her for more than six years, I’ve always admired her impressive work ethic, determination, and willingness to help anyone willing to help themselves.

It’s amazing to witness how she takes care of her body, works with her clients, while indirectly changing their lives in the process.

Anyelina’s upbringing is one that deserves recognition as well. 

Living in the Dominican Republic till age five, she often brings up her mother, whom she speaks so highly of.

Her mother is a big reason Anyelina is the person she is today.

With that being said, we’re definitely rooting for Anyelina to succeed.

She’s not only impacted lives through her fitness & non-fitness programs, but she’s building major plans to continue giving back to supporters, as well as citizens back home in the Dominican Republic.

Big thank you to Anyelina for another amazing conversation. 

Make sure you go tune in to her journey of teaching & touching as many lives as possible.

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Kaizen With A IG.

And make sure you subscribe to Anyelina’s YouTube page!

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Da Hood Journal

Full interview from May 1 with Anyelina Gonzalez.
Full audio from our interview with Kaizen By A CEO Anyelina Gonzalez

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