Meet, Kidd Ki


When did Kidd Ki realize that music was his passion?

Kidd Ki is a dynamic music creator from New York. From a young age, he’s had a love and passion for music. While in college, he teamed up with some talented musicians, who helped him prepare his posters & songs, to be released on prominent platforms. After that, he began making music more frequently, receiving a positive response from his audience. That pushed him to continue his artistic journey, by creating music that’s not only genuine, but that can truly inspire people.

What is Kidd Ki working on right now? 

After establishing his audience, Kidd Ki founded MCMG Worldwide, a company where his team, whom he met in college, uploads his music. In addition, he hosts the Pass Da Aux series, that’s held three times a year, and recently partnered with FlightClub Studios NYC for an upcoming event. His top records, like “Do What I Do” and “Our City”,  which amassed over 80,00 streams, are out now on Spotify & iTunes. His latest project also includes two impressive singles, “Watching” & “Well-Off”. Ki is also working on an album Court Side IV along with Riq, his co-artist at MCMG Worldwide

What are the plans & goals of Kidd Ki?

Kidd Ki wants to make a difference not only in the music industry but in his life as well. Music is an art that he loves to engage in, and because of the hard work he puts into his craft, it causes others to fall in love with his music too. Kidd Ki appreciates the challenges and rewards that go hand-in-hand with making history. As a result, he’s prepared to go above and beyond to ensure his music is of top quality. He strives to create music that is both pure & original. 

If you’re interested in his future plans or want to work with him, visit his website and follow his social media handles, which can be found below:

Click here to visit Kidd Ki’s IG!

Click here for MCMG Worldwide’s IG!

Click here for “Our City” on YouTube!

And click here to stream Kidd Ki on Apple Music!

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