About the Founders

Da Hood Journal’s CEO & Founder, Andy Guity.
Da Hood Journal’s Creative Director, Rokiatou Kaba.

Andy & Rokiatou

The CEO & founder of Da Hood Journal, Andy Guity, eldest of three, was born & raised in the South Bronx for most of his youth. He’s currently a sophomore journalism major at SUNY Oswego.

With the blog, Andy’s goal is to turn Da Hood Journal into a successful media company on par with well-known heavyweights like Vice Media, or Complex Networks.

Andy plans on seeing this vision through, by sharing experiences through his writing, while providing a platform for the underground talent brewing in New York City’s urban communities.

The Creative Director of Da Hood Journal, Rokiatou Kaba (or Roki) hails from the countries of Guinea & Mali. She’s currently a senior at Frederick Douglass Academy.

Joining the team in July 2020, Roki’s career with the blog began as editor of pieces published on the site. As her impact on the blog grew, she was promoted to Creative Director, and now oversees the backstage operations of Da Hood Journal.

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