GG Juliano Interview

“I just want to be known for being courageous, standing on who I am and giving to others.”  – Jusaidit This interview was unlike any other. Accompanied by Da Hood Journal alums Mike, Fearless Boyz CEO & Diablo Wakefield, plus close friends Tavey & Roki, we had a full house for Julian’s interview.  Our conversationContinue reading “GG Juliano Interview”

Everything I Am by HDThePoet

I heard Kanye rapping on this one song Affirming his divergence Claiming it as own. It took me this to realize  Everything I’m not made me everything I am. I won’t ever be able to rhyme my thoughts Nor will I ever be a normal person May never be the best poet.  But no oneContinue reading “Everything I Am by HDThePoet”

Rickey Strachan Interview

I appreciate Rickey more than he knows. He’s a kind soul that supports my endeavors, promotes anything I post, and wants to see me win. I’m glad that I was able to interview him. We learned more about each other as our conversation developed. I grew deeper respect for him following our sit-down. Attending theContinue reading “Rickey Strachan Interview”

Raydy J & Plain Jane OG Interview

One of the more memorable conversations I engaged in. Shout out to queens Raydy J, Plain Jane OG, and Ashley, Raydy’s better half who accompanied her to the interview. This conversation would’ve never happened without Raydy, who I went to high school with, reaching out & expressing interest with being on the podcast. So, thankContinue reading “Raydy J & Plain Jane OG Interview”

Tell Ya Friendz Interview

Back-to-back interviews featuring East Harlem legends. Don’t say I never showed love to the Eastside. Shout out to my big brother Cal, and his man’s Jelly. A common theme in all the conversations I share, I enjoyed talking with the two. It was fascinating to watch Cal & Jelly go back & forth on topicsContinue reading “Tell Ya Friendz Interview”