Everything I Am by HDThePoet

I heard Kanye rapping on this one song Affirming his divergence Claiming it as own. It took me this to realize  Everything I’m not made me everything I am. I won’t ever be able to rhyme my thoughts Nor will I ever be a normal person May never be the best poet.  But no oneContinue reading “Everything I Am by HDThePoet”

Rickey Strachan Interview

I appreciate Rickey more than he knows. He’s a kind soul that supports my endeavors, promotes anything I post, and wants to see me win. I’m glad that I was able to interview him. We learned more about each other as our conversation developed. I grew deeper respect for him following our sit-down. Attending theContinue reading “Rickey Strachan Interview”

Raydy J & Plain Jane OG Interview

One of the more memorable conversations I engaged in. Shout out to queens Raydy J, Plain Jane OG, and Ashley, Raydy’s better half who accompanied her to the interview. This conversation would’ve never happened without Raydy, who I went to high school with, reaching out & expressing interest with being on the podcast. So, thankContinue reading “Raydy J & Plain Jane OG Interview”

Tell Ya Friendz Interview

Back-to-back interviews featuring East Harlem legends. Don’t say I never showed love to the Eastside. Shout out to my big brother Cal, and his man’s Jelly. A common theme in all the conversations I share, I enjoyed talking with the two. It was fascinating to watch Cal & Jelly go back & forth on topicsContinue reading “Tell Ya Friendz Interview”

Diablo Wakefield & Naj GG Interview

Before we discuss the interview, let me get something off my chest. Since conducting this dialogue back on March 17, 2021, I’ve noticed the strides I’ve made as a host. While rewatching the interview ahead of its release, I learned alot about being the host of a podcast. Things like knowing what to do &Continue reading “Diablo Wakefield & Naj GG Interview”

The Fearless Boyz Interview

Today marks yet another milestone for Da Hood Journal. Today, April 10, we officially unveiled our brand new podcast, Da Hood Journal podcast. Radio has always been a venture I wanted to do, and now, I’m getting that opportunity. I’d like to give a special thank-you to Zeke, Ms. Pierre, & Black Ivy Media forContinue reading “The Fearless Boyz Interview”