The Knicks F*cking Suck…

Greetings beautiful people! This piece will discuss the continual dysfunction, which is the New York Knicks franchise. All from the heart, of a LOYAL Knicks supporter. Enjoy, and please, share it with your friends! Knicks/Rangers owner James Dolan & Knicks franchise reminds me of a snobby rich kid, that gets whatever he desires. But doesn’tContinue reading “The Knicks F*cking Suck…”

King of Canarsie

Greetings, beautiful people! This piece will honor the life of slain Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke. Early Wednesday morning, he was gunned down in a home invasion robbery, at his Hollywood Hills residence. He was 20 years old. His death sent shockwaves across the Hip-Hop community. He is gone, but not forgotten. Often dubbing himself theContinue reading “King of Canarsie”

After The Dust Settles

Hello everyone! With this piece, I’ll be discussing the biggest moves from the 2020 NBA trade deadline, as well as the top storylines for the remainder of the regular season. Enjoy, and please, share it with your friends! Random question. What’s your favorite holiday? An average person will probably answer with Christmas, Thanksgiving, or evenContinue reading “After The Dust Settles”

We Love You Kobe!

Greetings, beautiful people! This piece will honor the career, and life of Kobe Bean Bryant. He passed away Sunday, at the age of 41, in a helicopter crash. Bryant’s presence and personality, left a resounding mark on basketball fans across the world. His impact went beyond the hardwood. His untimely death left a scar inContinue reading “We Love You Kobe!”

The Human Highlight Film

On Jan. 4th, 2020, Atlanta Hawks G/F Vince Carter became the first player in NBA history, to play an NBA game in 4 different decades. To celebrate his accomplishment, I decided to write this piece, highlighting the most memorable moments of his 22 year career. You’re welcome Adam. Vince Carter was selected 5th overall byContinue reading “The Human Highlight Film”