Twin Parks North West Fire Tribute By Roki Kaba

To learn more or donate please click this link! Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.  On January 9th, 2022 the Bronx witnessed one of the deadliest apartment fires in recent memory. This carnage took place in the Tremont neighborhood, a thriving West African & Muslim community.  This fire claimed seventeen lives, many of whom wereContinue reading “Twin Parks North West Fire Tribute By Roki Kaba”

Sha EK- Shake That

As the summer comes to an end, Bronx artist Sha Ek delivers yet another bold track, with his latest single dubbed “Shake That.“ Recently dropping records including “Respectfully“, “One In The Head“, while appearing on “How You Every O Shot?”, “Shake That” was a highly anticipated track, with a snippet of the tune reaching almostContinue reading “Sha EK- Shake That”

B-Lovee- Neaky

In a week where we saw Bronx artists D-Thang, Sha EK, and Kay Flock each release solo records, B-Lovee decided to drop arguably the hottest track of them all. Fresh off the release of his hit single IF YK, YK, B-Lovee manages to top that record with another banger, Neaky, shot by Spike Tarantino, whichContinue reading “B-Lovee- Neaky”

Kay Flock- Is Ya Ready

In the past six months, I’ve grown a deep fascination for New York City drill.  I’ve just recently traveled upstate to embark on my junior year of college. Walking past my off-campus home, all you’ll hear from our speakers is the aforementioned genre. No lie, I share conversations about the ever-evolving genre of music withContinue reading “Kay Flock- Is Ya Ready”

Everything I Am by HDThePoet

I heard Kanye rapping on this one song Affirming his divergence Claiming it as own. It took me this to realize  Everything I’m not made me everything I am. I won’t ever be able to rhyme my thoughts Nor will I ever be a normal person May never be the best poet.  But no oneContinue reading “Everything I Am by HDThePoet”

Rickey Strachan Interview

I appreciate Rickey more than he knows. He’s a kind soul that supports my endeavors, promotes anything I post, and wants to see me win. I’m glad that I was able to interview him. We learned more about each other as our conversation developed. I grew deeper respect for him following our sit-down. Attending theContinue reading “Rickey Strachan Interview”

What does Black History Month mean to you?

This article is an open diary on what this month means to me. Enjoy! What’s good y’all! Happy Black History Month! It’s been a while. I apologize for the long absence, that’s on me. I’ve been using the past few weeks to prepare for the new semester of school. Online learning hasn’t gotten the bestContinue reading “What does Black History Month mean to you?”

Love Us Like You Love Our Culture

Hello everyone! This piece discusses my reaction to the deadly arrest of George Floyd, and what I’ve learned. I’ll also touch on the protesting and rioting flooding this country. Enjoy, and please share it with your friends. DISCLAIMER: There are numerous ideas, facts, & links I could’ve incorporated in this piece. However, I only wroteContinue reading “Love Us Like You Love Our Culture”