Meet, 1Hub Fashion

We’re 1HubFashion, the #1 marketplace strictly for new underground brands. With over 250 brands & a catalog of over 800 items ranging from New York to Korea, to Italy. In all, we provide marketing, security, logistics, and a high-end customer experience. Come register your brand & shop today! Click here to visit 1Hub Fashion’s IGContinue reading “Meet, 1Hub Fashion”

Day By Seyhandra Benjamin

 The collective exhaust Off the expressway  Fuels the hustle and bustle Of a Bronx Morning.  High backpacks and low eyes Sit alongside each other While Offensive Smells Brew from below them. All with the same thought Please don’t let me be late. Click here to add Seyhandra on IG! And click here to add Seyhandra’sContinue reading “Day By Seyhandra Benjamin”

Tell me what you see By Seyhandra Benjamin

This shit isn’t a coincidence  That when I look around me  There is only ever poverty.  The multiple cop cars on the corner  Policing never protecting.  The overflowing trash cans;  Clearly the city forgot about us.  This shit isn’t a coincidence  That when I enter the Govt. Assistance office Me and my peers get treatedContinue reading “Tell me what you see By Seyhandra Benjamin”

Mariah Searle’s Poetry Page

If you get a chance, go check out Mariah Searle’s poetry page! Below, you’ll find the link to her Instagram, and a few poems she’s written. Go show her some love! Another poem of Mariah’s (read below) Sometimes I’m lost Lost hoping no return. But I need to wander, To find my place. To feelContinue reading “Mariah Searle’s Poetry Page”

Everything I Am by HDThePoet

I heard Kanye rapping on this one song Affirming his divergence Claiming it as own. It took me this to realize  Everything I’m not made me everything I am. I won’t ever be able to rhyme my thoughts Nor will I ever be a normal person May never be the best poet.  But no oneContinue reading “Everything I Am by HDThePoet”